Authorised Persons can respond to Tax Summons: Raj HC

A high court has ruled that an “Authorised representative” can appear before a taxman while responding to summons issued responding to summons issued by tax authorities, offering respite to many senior executives, including directors and chief financial officers (CFOs), who were being forced to respond to tax department notices. There are many cases where the tax department has sent notices and summons, as sent notices and summons, as well as demanded that top executives respond to them in person.

Insiders point out that often these summons are issued by different state and central authorities, said it becomes difficult for top executives to appear before the taxman, especially if the tax demand is not too big or it involves a technically sound person to put across a point. The high court of Rajasthan on April 8 said that “entitlement of representation through an Authorised representative for any summons by GST authorities” should be allowed “This is a very topical ruling, as there is a surge in the issuance of summons by DGGI (Directorate General of GST Intelligence) and other indirect tax authorities for the CFO, tax head and, in a few in stances, for directors of companies,” said Harpreet Singh, partner-indirect tax at KPMG India S-ET

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