Car Owner Mines $800 of Cryptos a Month Using Tesla

A Tesla owner has revealed that he was making $800 every month using his Model 3 EV to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According of CNBC, Siraj Raval said through 2021 he made $400 to $800 a month, mining cryptocurrency using his car. He said that he was making $800 a month when the price of ETH peaked last year.

Raval connected a series of GPUs to the “frunk” of his Tesla. The car’s large battery essentially acted as the source of power that may comparatively help reduce maintenance cost.

However, it also affects the warranty of Tesla cars but Raval said that it is worth it.

When the official talks more about this to Raval for using the Tesla car, he said, adding that “it is a computer with wheel, it is too easy to hack into the computer of the car.”

His setup includes free bitcoin mining software on his Mac mini MI,

Which is powered by plugging an inverter into the 12-volt power socket in the center console of his Model 3.

Apart from Raval, Alejandro dela Torre, who mines bitcoin, said that mining from a Tesla is just like connection to any other power source. IAN

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