Users Not Able to Access Accounts After $34 Million Hack

After several users complained issues with logging back to their accounts on after the platform was hit by a $34 million hack, its CEO Kris Marszalek has been forced to respond on social media how best they can get back their accounts.

Thousands of people took to social media to complain that they could not get back into their accounts, begging for help.

In a tweet thread, Marszalek finally responded, saying if you can’t get back into our app following access reset this week, “in 95/100 cases you are simple using the wrong email to login”.

“We don’t allow duplicate accounts with the same phone numbers, so you will get stuck if you are using the wrong email,” Marszalek posted late on Saturday.

“We are helping users with these cases one by one, but it takes time given the scale of our platform,” he added.

Leading cryptocurrency platform last week admitted that 483 users on its platform lost almost $34 million in various digital coins owing to a compromise in two-factor (2FA) authentication.

Overall, the unauthorized withdrawals had over $15 million worth of Ethereum, $19 million worth of Bitcoin and $66,200 in “other currencies”.

Marszalek said in a latest tweet: “Rest assured your funds are safe and waiting for you to log back in… with the right email.” IANS

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