Crypto Exchanges Turn to Targeted Campaigns to Soothe Investor Nerves

Cryptocurrency exchanges are turning to targeted advertising and marketing campaigns to soothe the nerves of investors who are exiting their investments amid regulatory uncertainty over the virtual currencies.

Some of the exchanges, including CoinDCX and CoinSwitch Kuber, have re-started advertising and marketing campaigns, albeit not as aggressively as earlier, industry insiders said. In most cases, the advertisements are aired on social media and other digital platforms.

The exchanges had suspended ads, after an advertising blitzkrieg in the past few months that were criticized for being puffery and misleading by many. The government, which has also raised concerns over lack of transparency in crypto ads, is working on legislation on the sector. Meanwhile, ET reported on Thursday that the Advertising Standards Council of India was in discussion with the government to include adequate disclosure of risk in the crypto ads to ensure that consumers don’t mistake these products be legal tender.

According to a person part of the Block chain and Crypto Assets Council, an industry advisory body, several exchanges wanted to restart advertising, especially targeting their existing investors. Some of them are looking to roll out advertisements across platforms in the coming week as they hope to get some clarity in the legality of crypto assets.

CoinDCX and CoinSwitch Kuber did not respond to ET’s queries.

A WazirX spokesperson said the exchange has not re-started any advertising but is focusing on “Investor education campaigns”. She said: “Crypto is a new market in India and for our investors, we have ensured

To keep all our communication channels, open through all mediums and our social handles.”

Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are estimated to have collectively spent more than Rs. 50 crores during the recently concluded ICC T20 World Cup, ET reported last, month.

The ad Blitz may have heightened government ad regulatory concerns over virtual currencies and the commercial they promote them, said industry trackers.

“While the new advertisements are basic ones that inform about the exchange or there are marketing campaigns targeted at existing investors.

The advertising spend for the sector is not as much as before,” a person aware of the matter told ET. “We will wait for the government to frame the guidelines and we will comply and act accordingly.”

There has been a fall in new sign-ups on cryptocurrency exchanges, as prospective investors seen to be cautious till regulatory clarity emerges on the asset class.

New user sign-ups are a matrix used to value crypto companies.

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