FM Unveils Rs.6 Lakh Cr Asset Monetization Plan

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman Monday announced an ambitious plan to monetize public infrastructure projects such as power plants, gas pipelines, roads, railways and stadiums to the tune of Rs.6 lakh crore over the next four years until FY25.

The National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) will comprise “brownfield” assets but the underlying land will not be a part of the process. There is no privatization or slump sale of assets – ownership will remain with the government. The money raised will be used to create more assets. In FY22, about Rs. 88,000 crores are expected through this process. “They are all de-risked assets… The economy needs more resources, the economy wants that kind of liquidity, that kind of value unlocking with which we can move forward,” Sitharaman said.

The aggregate asset pipeline under NMP involves more than 12 ministries and 20 asset classes. S-ET

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