GST Evasion -DGGI Not filed Complaint Within 60 Days – Bail Granted

Manish & Anr. Vs DGGI  (Patiala House Court)

1. Bail granted to brother duo after 57 days

2. IO, DGGI on a specifc query, was unable to confirm whether complaint would be filed before the expiry of 60 days default period by ACMM, Patiala House.

3. Strong opposition by Ld. SPP Harpreet Singh did not cut much ice with the Magistrate that a total number of 156 Firms had been created by co-accused Kabir Kumar who had issued invoices of Rs. 4,814 crores and passed on 697 crores of fake credit; that these persons are the main associates of main accused Kabir;  that cheque-book and debit cards and multiple stamps were found in the premises of Kabir Kumar which indicated collusion.

4. Harsh Sethi, Defence Counsel cited case of Mukul Mittal v. DGGI (Delhi High Court) where bail was granted after 56 days and the department was not forthcoming in filing complaint within statutory period of 60 days.

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