Hackers Attack Crypto YouTube Accounts here

The YouTube accounts of Indian cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-native companies and international influencers were breached on Monday morning.

The incident was revealed when an unidentified hacker posted a video promoting a crypto scam called ‘One world Cryptocurrency’ on their YouTube channels.

CoinDCX, CoinSwitch Kuber, WazirX and Uno coin were among those affected.

Several Indian crypto exchanges told ET that they had conducted internal investigations and found no suspicious activity – such as a change of password – on their accounts prior to the hack. WazirX said it had contacted YouTube administrators and was awaiting a response.

“There was a systematic hack on several crypto YouTube accounts around the world. Fortunately, our team caught the fraudulent video within seven minutes of going live on our channel and deleted it,” Raja Gopal Menon, vice president for marketing at WazirX, said in a statement.

“On conducting a diagnosis, we did not find any security flaw from WazirX’s end that could have given hackers access to our channel.”

YouTube did not immediately respond to ET’s queries.

A CoinDCX spokesperson tweeted on Monday, “Our security team was swift in identifying and taking down the fraudulent video posted on CoinDCX’s channel, limiting the video’s reach. For the few of our subscribers who saw the video before it was removed, please disregard all of its content.”

Cybersecurity expert Rajshekhar Rajaharia said the incident may have been due to the integration of compromised accounts with third-party application programming interfaces (API) used for live streaming.

An API is a type of software that allows two other pieces of software (apps) to talk to each other.

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