How you can avoid GST Notices

Following points need to be scrutinized by yourself to avoid litigation:

  1. In-eligible ITC claimed from non-genuine taxpayers (NGTPs) whose RC is canceled ab-initio
  2. Excess outward tax in GSTR-1 compared to GSTR-9 /GSTR-3B
  3. Excess Outward tax in E-Way Bills Compared to GSTR-3B In-eligible ITC claimed from GSTR-3B
  4. Non-filers Excess ITC claimed in GSTR-9/3B which is not confirmed in GSTR-2A or 8A of GSTR-9
  5. In-eligible ITC claimed from RC is canceled suppliers Less turnover is shown in GSTR-1 compared to GSTR-8 (TCS)
  6. Less turnover is shown in GSTR-3B compared to GSTR-7 (TDS) Less RCM liability disclosed in GSTR 9/3B/4 than shown by suppliers in GSTR-1
  7. ITC claims after the last date of availing of ITC as per section 16(4) GSTR-3B
  8. ITC on purchase invoices uploaded by the supplier in GSTR-1 filed after the last date of availing -section 16(4)
  9. Interest on delayed payments made with GSTR 3B Excess IGST on imports shown in GSTR_6E vs. ICEGATE data
  10. Excess ISD ITC availed in GSTR9_6G Vs GSTR 2A_ISD Excess RCM ITC GSTR9_6CDF than liability shown in GSTR 9_4G

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