Importers dragging Govt to court for imposing IGST & Custom duty on O2 concentrators

After importers in individuals some companies that have imported thousand of oxygen concentrators to be donated to government hospital or state government could drag the government to the court over applicability of GST when many companies decided to import oxygen concentrator amidst the domestic shortage due to Covid pandemic in the country they were faced with IGST and custom duty currently imported oxygen content concentrators attract 12% of IGST these companies claim that they are being penalized for charity in the time of public health emergency many of these companies have reached out to their tax advisers and Next week regarding the levy they say is punitive.

The Bombay High Court on late Wednesday night heard the petition of individuals on the same issue several importers have drag the government to the court for leving taxes on imports of oxygen concentrators and claim that doing so breaches a constitutional right of every Indian in many cases the GST imposed on import of these essential goods neither become a cost for the importer nor leads to accumulation of credit there is no intelligible difference to give Benficial exemption to the relief agencies as compared to companies individuals who are importing these essential commodities at their own cost for saving life and the government reduced the GST on oxygen concentrators however oxygen concentrators gifted or imported by individuals for personal use attract12% GST recently lowered from 28% by the government and the government is adamant and does not seem to be in a mood to reduce GST for the irrespective of who imports it

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