India born Polygon Global Crypto Top 20

Polygon founded by three Indians breached $10 billion in market capitalization last week and at $13 billion market capitalization currently it is among the top 20 crypto tokens globally according to coin polygon has seen its market capitalization jump 10 times since February owing to increased adoption of its Blockchain by players in gaming non-fungible tokens and DeFi    in March NASDAQ listed Coinbase allowed users to trade the token Growth has been significant    some part of it is speculation as with any cryptocurrency but we have also expended our vision and scope of work said cofounder Sandeip nailwal A combination of real world application and user adoption has had a snowball effect  it’s other cofounders are Jayanti Kanani and Anurag Arjun

Between January and May the number of applications build on polygon which is based on Ethereum blockchain jump eight times to almost 400 TWITTER cofounder Jack Dorsey used one such application to Mint his first tweet as an NFT said Nailwal we want to establish India is a block chain powerhouse he said adding that the goal was to become the third most valued crypto to project in the world behind bitcoin and Ethereum S-ET

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