No Extra Fee for Cos to File Returns for Deposits till July 31

 The ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) on Wednesday extended by one month, without extra fees, the date of filing returns on certain deposits as well as outstanding loans of companies that are not treated as deposits.

In a notification, the ministry said: “Keeping in view the transition of MCA-21 portal from Version-2 to Version -3, it has been decided to allow companies to file form DPT-3 for the financial year ended March 31, 2023 without paying additional fees up to July 31, 2023.”

Usually, companies are supposed to file DPT-3 form by June 30 for the financial year that has ended in March. Through the DPT-3 form, the companies are mandated to furnish information about deposits and/or outstanding receipt of loans other than deposits.

The move comes amid complaints of technical glitches involving the latest version of MCA-21 portal. While people familiar with the details have down-played exaggerated concerns around glitches, citing record incorporation of companies, they have acknowledged “teething troubles”. To resolve the is- sues, MCA officials have held stakeholders’ meetings in Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad since June 16 and are scheduled to hold such meetings in Kolkata, Guwahati, Ahmedabad and Mumbai by June 27.  S-ET Image Source : Google

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