No feedback Sought from States on GST Rates: Finmin

The finance minister has said no feedback had been sought from states on Goods and Service tax rates for specific items or regarding proposals to restructure rates, the minister in a statement on Monday said deliberations of ministers to rationalize GST rates are ongoport has not been submitted. “It is clarified that no feedback from states has been sought on the GST rates for any specific items or specific proposals to restructure the rates…,” the finance ministry said. There have been reports that states’ feedback had been sought on a proposal for raising Goods and Services Tax (GST) rates on 143 items. It future said views of the states were sought generally on the terms of references (Tors) of the Group of Ministers (GoM) soon after it was set up in September 2021. “A reports of the Group is yet to be submitted to the Council for consideration.” It added S-ET

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