Officer cannot deny Revocation of GST Registration for alleged incorrect ITC availment

Ramakrishnan Mahalingam Vs State Tax Officer (Madras High Court)

An assessment would have to be made by the authority in terms of Section 73 or other applicable provision after following the procedure set out therein, and it is only in the course thereof that the officer may consider and decide questions of leviability of tax and claim of input tax credit.

Thus to state that registration will not be revived since the petitioner has incorrectly availed of ITC would be putting the cart before the horse. In fact, it is seen that the petitioner has filed monthly returns as well as annual returns for the periods January 2017-18 to September 2019-20 and for financial years 2017-18 and 2018-19 and has also remitted late fee for filing of belated returns. Thus, and these being the only conditions that are to be satisfied by the petitioner for grant of revocation of registration, I am of the view that the cancellation of the registration in this case is incorrect and improper.

Let the first petitioner forthwith. Needless to say, the respondent is at liberty to take up matters of assessment thereafter, in accordance with law.

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